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A concept that’s spent years in development, shortgirl Jeans were created with one goal in mind: fitting you perfectly. If you’re a shortgirl, you’ve likely experienced the frustration of finding jeans that actually fit (and look good, too!). Our jeans are created with the highest quality material, and manufactured right here in the USA. Every inch of them was formulated to make sure they stay snug to your body and provide a look and feel you can be confident in. Calling all shortgirls: finally a pair of jeans you’ll absolutely love.

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Who are we?

Necessity is the mother of invention

Good design doesn't come easy. Founder Sue Schaffstall maticulously crafted shortgirl Jeans from top to bottom. From there, a bigger vision formed: empowering women.

At shortgirl, we are all about empowering women, because everybody deserves clothes that fit right from the start. Designed by a shortgirl for shortgirls. We understand the frustration that you experience shopping for jeans. If you are taking your petite jeans to the tailor, then you are in the right place. When your clothes fit properly and you know you look great, you can do ANYTHING!

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The Only Jeans Worth Wearing

Petite Jeans too long? If you answered yes then you’ve landed in the right place! It’s time to break-up with your tailor! Shortgirl jeans don’t need hemming. No more cutting off 2, 4 or even six inched of fabric to make them fit. Designed by a shortgirl who knows what you are looking for, and we have it! Finally your search for the perfect fitting jeans is over!

All of our “models” are real shortgirls. Sue is 4’9” and wears a size 2 with a 25” inseam. Kristin is 5’ 1” and wears a size 4 with a 27” inseam.

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Testimonials from shortgirls

Hear directly from other shortgirls about how well our jeans will fit you.

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