You might be a shortgirl…

You might be a shortgirl…

Short but MIGHTY, Shortgirls rule!

What does it mean to be a shortgirl?  Now I’m not talking about average short or even petite, I’m talking about really, really short. You might be a shortgirl if:

 You were always the shortest one in your class growing up. Always sitting on the floor in your class picture holding the sign?

You have to have everything tailored, I mean everything. Sure you might have been lucky enough to buy kids’ stuff for a while and then one day puberty hit and you could no longer fit into a girl’s size 14 or an XL.  All of a sudden you had hips and a booty, and boobs (well maybe boobs).

You’ve climbed up a shelf in a grocery store to reach something on the middle shelf.

 You’ve stood at the grocery store all by yourself in an isle staring at your desired item wondering how the hell you were going to reach it, just hoping that someone of normal height would come by and you could ask them to reach it for you and try not to feel like a total anomaly. 

When I say short, I’m not talking about just petite (that’s 5’ 4” and under) I’m talking about 4’ 9” tall on a good day. Do you wear heels all the time, I personally trip in flats. The only “flat shoes” I wear are sneakers and flip flops. Is a flat heel to you 2 ½ inches? If you answered yes to any of the above then you are a shortgirl.

Do people tell you that you are short?  I really just can’t figure this one out.  People actually come up to me and say stuff like “do you know you are really short?” Duh?! Do I look like I just fell of a turnip truck?  I’ve been this flippin’ height since I was 11 and let’s just say I’m well over 40. Very rude, but over the years I’ve learned to take in in stride and blurt out some snarky comeback like “Thank you for letting me know, what am I going to do now?!” Or “Oh my God I’m short, thanks for pointing that out!”

Do people pat you on the head like you are a child, seriously this is ridiculous, I’m a grown ass woman, please don’t pat me on the head like I’m a dog or I’m going to knee you in the n*ts. (Yes, it’s always men that do this)

So the answer to the question, “Do you know you’re short?” is a resounding yes, of course I know. (Dumbass)

The truth is I really don’t think about it too much unless it involves finding clothes that fits off the rack or trying to reach something on the middle shelf, or some idiot decides to point it out, WTF.

While I may be short in stature, I am not a small person.  I have never felt like there wasn’t anything I couldn’t do because of my height or lack thereof.  I knew I was never going to play in the WNBA and never be a supermodel, but for reasons that go far beyond my lack of height. Being a shortgirl is a mindset. Short but mighty!  My mother, also a shortgirl, said to me many times while growing up that good things come in small packages, like dynamite! I truly believe that and have embraced my shortgirlness. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s taken me years to get comfortable in my own skin and with my stature, but once I did I realized it was a mindset and I had a choice as to how I viewed my height, it became more of an asset.  Short but mighty, shortgirls rule!

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