Shortgirl travels

Shortgirl travels

I recently returned from a trip to Phoenix Arizona (I live near Buffalo New York, so this required air travel) to visit my family on the occasion of my Dad’s 80th birthday.  I usually travel with my husband who is 5’10” so I don’t really think about things like lifting my bag up over my head with arms locked and climbing on the seat to get said suitcase in the overhead bin.  So a few weeks ago when I started thinking about packing for this trip, mainly what am I going to bring ‘cause it’s like 80 in Phoenix and 30 in Buffalo I had an “Oh crap” moment when I was like how am I going to do this on my own, and get that damned suitcase up there?! 

Now as I have gotten older I have become a better packer.  After years of over packing and realizing that I usually don’t wear three-quarters of the stuff I bring, a carry-on will do, if you are skilled, and well I am and my clothes are smaller. (If you haven’t tried rolling your clothes it really is the best way to pack)

So in the midst of that “Oh crap “moment, I actually thought about checking a bag to avoid having to struggle with this bag and the overhead bin. Then I thought to myself, no, you can’t go backward. Time for shortgirl to put on her big girl pants and fear not the overhead bin.  Someone will help me, people are nice, I might have to just stand there and look pathetic for a minute, but people will help, right?

Now while on my little trip my mother and I were talking about the fact that I was always writing about the negatives of being a shortgirl and maybe I should look at the advantages, ah-ha good idea.

So here goes.

Shortgirl air travel advantage # 1- the bathroom- you can fit in it and turn around.  Advantage #2- you have a decent amount of legroom, I could actually stretch my legs all the way out. Advantage #3- you can stand up straight everywhere and don’t have to duck when entering or exiting the plane. #4 the flight attendant accidentally gives you more snacks because she thought you were a kid at first. (This could also be a problem in reverse if you want a rum and coke)

Well, that was fun. Now back to the challenges.  You can’t reach the light, vent, flight attendant call button without standing up.

To make a long flight short, I did get someone to help me get my bag in and out of the overhead bin. Thank you kind people! On the way home my daughter was with me and all 5 feet of her not only got both of those bags up there by herself she got them down as well.  Short but mighty, shortgirls rule!

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