Spring and the perfect fitting pair of jeans

Spring and the perfect fitting pair of jeans

Hi shortgirls! As always I hope this finds you safe and well! There seems to be some good news on the horizon.  The days are getting longer, spring is here and Covid vaccines are soon to be in everyone’s arm that wants one.  I can see the light at the end of this very dark tunnel.  When I think about spring I think about spring cleaning (ugh) I think about taking a look at my closet and dresser drawers to see what still fits (double ugh) what has seen better days and what is out of style and I simply will never wear again. I do have a tendency to hold onto clothes a lot longer than I should.  Most likely it’s because it’s so damn difficult to find something you like that fits!!

I think I said it many times before, but I love to shop and love clothes, which is really kind of strange because for those of us on the shorter side, the struggle is real. Now I’m 4’9” and finding clothing that fits can be challenging at times.  I no longer, and I admit it’s been a while, fit into girls XL or size 14’s.

Most department store petite departments are not very big or really have any great selection and this seems weird to me because of the statistics.  Did you know that petite by definition is someone under 5’4”, did you also know that 70 percent of women in the United States are 5’4” and under. That means there are a lot more of us shortgirls out there.  Now there is a big difference between me 4’9” and someone who is 5”4, am I right? Like 7 inches!  So think about going into your favorite petite department and shopping for a pair of Jeans.  I have to have them altered because I can’t wear something that was designed for someone who is 5’4”. Now I know what you are going to say, but you can buy skinny jeans, ugh no! I am so over skinny jeans and at my age I need a little more comfort. I’m done stuffing myself like a sausage into them.  You can buy ankle or cropped jeans, well yes, but they are not proportioned correctly and frankly look weird because they don’t fit.  I want a great pair of straight leg jeans that fit without costly alterations.  I want to pull on those jeans and feel really good about myself because the fit and look great on me!  This is my quest!

Petite size 6- way too long!
Petite jeans always too long!  On a quest for the perfect fitting jeans.  I guess I will just have to make them myself!
Never worn, need to be hemmed, sitting in a drawer along with the others, ugh!

Spring is a time for new beginnings and I’m about to embark on a new journey. Stay tuned shortgirls there will be more to come soon.  Do you want a pair of jeans that actually fit?  How many pair do you have in the back of your closet or bottom drawer that you will NEVER wear because you have to get them altered?  Share your stories with me, tell me what you are looking for in the perfect pair of jeans.

Happy Spring shortgirls! Cheers to new adventures!  Short but mighty, shortgirls rule!

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