I looked in the mirror and what did I see? The top of my head staring back at me!

I looked in the mirror and what did I see? The top of my head staring back at me!

Have you ever gone into a public restroom and tried to check your appearance in the mirror and the only thing you can see it the top of your head? It’s usually in a bar, restaurant or a gas station (yikes, sometimes you just gotta go) and you are washing your hands and you want to check your lipstick or make sure your mascara hasn’t run to the point where you look like a raccoon and all you can see is the top of your head, maybe your eyebrows if you’re lucky. Ugh, this is so annoying! Standing on tippy toes doesn’t help and neither does jumping up, just to catch a glimpse.  What if I have food stuck in my teeth? What if I look like a raccoon?  The places where the mirrors are too high for us shortgirls are not in the lobbies of five-star hotels or restaurants or the country club. These restrooms are usually way in the back of a convenience store attached to a gas station. You know what I’m talking about, single-stall, sink, high mirror and enough germs to start an outbreak of something.  The sink has two facets that you have to hold in the “on” position to get water to flow out and they are both cold, there isn’t any soap, and the only thing available to dry your hands with is that dingy white towel that you are supposed to pull down for a fresh section and it hasn’t been changed since 1984. Just thinking about this makes me want to grab a gallon of hand sanitizer. Once again I digress.

Not being able to see in the mirror stacks right up there with not being able to see the credit card machine while checking out at your favorite grocery store, department store, insert your favorite store here.  They put these things at the highest point in the check out and to make matters worse they are all different. Now I did find out, quite by accident that some of them actually tilt down so that I can read it. Please note that I say, some, not all.  I have been known on occasion to accidentally dislodge the machine from the counter in an effort “tilt” it toward me so that I could see it better, oops.

Unfortunately, my inability to read the credit card machine has not stopped me from completing my purchases.

Annoyances?  Inconveniences?  Yes, end of the world, Chicken Little the sky is falling problems?  No.

Perspective, it’s all a matter of perspective and the good thing with shortgirls is that we are always looking up! Short but mighty shortgirls rule!

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