Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Shortgirls, as always I hope this finds you safe, and well as we celebrate a day where this year everybody’s wearing a mask, ugh! I have some very vivid memories of Halloween as a kid. Store-bought costumes with the plastic masks and rubber bands. The mask would get so wet on the inside just breathing, talk about a hot mess!  Being a shortgirl I remember it being more difficult to find a costume because they just didn’t fit.  Especially in middle school when all the girls were wearing more: ”grown-up” costumes and I was still stuck in the toddler section!  Halloween did have an upside for us shortgirls, the lifespan for trick or treating was certainly much longer, I even went trick or treating when I was in college, but that’s another story!

Growing up in the North Eastern United States meant Halloween was usually cold.  So on top of not being able to find an age-appropriate costume that fit, my mother was probably making me wear a coat over it, or better yet, under it. I always looked like a weeble (weebles wobble, but they don’t fall down, remember those?)

I remember stuffing myself like a sausage into the costume with the winter parka underneath.  I couldn’t walk very well or move my arms. I just kinda waddled from house to house like Violet from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory when she turns into a blueberry!  The houses in my neighborhood were always so far apart. As a kid, I can remember wanting to live in a subdivision where there were tons of houses and tons of candy.  My brother and I would set out on our annual Halloween trek at 4 in the afternoon, we had to start early in order to make it to all the houses before it got too dark. 6 houses, two and a half hours, I’d come back a sweaty mess and then have to wait until my parents “inspected my candy”. I know now after having my own children that they really weren’t looking for razor blades or pins, they were taking and hiding all the stuff they liked. Not that I ever did that to my kids.

This Halloween I plan on sitting in my driveway (weather permitting) and handing out candy, safely of course and wearing a mask that I bought just for this occasion.  Be safe shortgirls, I hope you get more treats than tricks this Halloween! Today is a great day to be funsized!   Short but mighty, shortgirls rule!

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