A pain in the neck

A pain in the neck

I woke up this morning with a literal pain in my neck.  Did I sleep funny?  Was there a draft?  Was the dog sharing the pillow with me? The answer to all of these questions is “No”. Then I remembered that my neck was bothering me before I went to bed last night and it dawned on me, I was at a cocktail party last night!

Now it’s not what your thinking, I was not lit up like a Christmas tree and dancing on the bar and hurt my neck. ( But hey, ya never know)  I was talking to people. Standing around, like people do at cocktail parties and talking.  The problem with last night is that there were a lot of really tall people, you know anyone over 5’5’’.

The pain in my neck is from looking up for about 2 hours straight, and after a while, it starts to hurt. The reality is when you are at a crowded cocktail party and it’s noisy, those little conversation circles keep getting smaller and smaller which means I have to crane my neck up in an attempt to make eye contact and carry on a conversation.  When the noise level isn’t quite so loud, the circle can widen and the angle of my neck doesn’t need to be quite so steep.

Shortgirls can also get a pain in the neck from engaging in the following: (please note this is not a complete list, please feel free to share your own pain in the neck activities with me) slow dancing, trying to see over the counter at the deli or really anytime you’re in a crowd of people and you are trying to see anything. My husband and I like to attend sporting events and concerts and these venues are typically very crowded making it difficult for us shortgirls. My solution is to just give in to the situation, grab on to someone you trust and hope for the best. There are times I feel like a lamb being led to the slaughter. I just have to hold my husband’s hand and trust that he will lead me safely through the crowd.

There is this guy, I’ll call him Ali,  well because that’s his name, and he is my go-to for last-minute concert tickets. When I text him about a concert I’m interested in, I now have to tell him that I don’t want floor seats. I can’t even imagine what a disaster that would be, unless I was in the very first row, and I think that comes with its own set of challenges.  Why do I not want floor seats? First of all, nobody ever sits down in the seats on the floor, which means they stand the entire time, which means I’m going to have another pain in the neck! Shortgirls keep your head up, just not too high or for too long to avoid that pain in the neck! Short but Mighty, Shortgirls rule!

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